Tuesday, February 21, 2017

FOR SALE: 104 fully painted zombies

I am liquidating my collection of zombies, as I need to pay some bills. They are mostly Zombicide zombies with quite a few Wargames Factory zombies mixed in -

I am asking $100 USD for the entire lot, and that price includes USPS Priority Mail shipping. I am only selling these within the Continental United States, as international shipping is too expensive. I only accept PayPal.

If you are interested in this lot, please leave a comment in the comment section and I will instruct you how to get in contact with me.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Slab: "Know this: These creatures are the bringers of death... -"

"They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop."

Here are some photos of the finished Reaper BONES Mummies I got for use with Lovecraft's Revenge -

These were actually finished around the time I finished painting the Shoggoth. I just now got around to posting photos. These figures are extremely easy to paint. After priming them, I base coated them with Reaper MSP Bloodless Skin, then once dry, I gave them a thorough wash with Army Painter Dark Tone. After that dried, I gave them a second wash with Army Painter Strong Tone. To finish them off I painted their eyes Reaper MSP Rach Red. One thing I did before priming and painting these, was to glue them to 1" fender washers, as the figures are feather-light, and would be easy to knock over on the game table. I painted the base of each with Reaper MSP Brown Sand and washed it with Army Painter Strong Tone. When I am able to, I will get another pack of these. You can never have too many mummies.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Slab: You deserve a Shogg today..."

"...at McShoggoth's"

I'd don't know why, but that twisted version of a line from an old McDonald's commercial popped into my head nearly as soon as I started working on the Shoggoth mini - I guess painting minis of Mythos monsters leads to insanity...

Oh well, here's the Shoggoth -

A really easy mini to paint. It's base coated with Reaper MSP HD R.A.M. Black and the eyeballs were picked out with MSP Pale Green. Once everything was dry I gave the mini a good wash of Secret Weapon Green Black wash.

I'm kind of behind on my posts for this month, but I will try and have something in the next couple of days.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Dead-drop: Minis for Lovecraft's Revenge

I ordered some Reaper Miniatures BONES figures last week, and they arrived today. Reaper has a few minis in their BONES line that are from the Lovecraft Mythos, plus others that are reminiscent of Lovecraftian monsters, so I had figured I'd buy some.

One mini I definitely wanted was the Eldritch Demon, which is perfect to represent a Spawn of Cthulhu -

Next I got a Shoggoth -

While not technically a Mythos monster, I got a Faceless Horror, which could proxy for various Lovecraft monsters -

One type of  monster that shows up in quite a few of the location tables in Lovecraft's Revenge, are Mummies, so I got a pack of those -

Those are the monsters I picked up so far, budget limited me from buying more, but I did get one figure to represent an Adventurer/Investigator. The figure is one of the BONES Chronoscope Pulp-era figures, The Black Mist -

The figure is a masked vigilante and I know it might be an odd choice for a character figure in a Lovecraft story, but I am thinking of having a Star that is an Occult Detective with the Psychic attribute, yeah you guessed it, The Shadow. Why not? I mean this gives me a good reason to add the Larger Than Life rule book to my games with Lovecraft's Revenge.

I will be adding more Lovecraft related BONES minis to my collection as budget permits, and I will be saving up for the BONES III Kickstarter Cthulhu minis that are due out later this year -

I've gotta get my hands on a couple of the Mythos Expansion boxes!!!