Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Addled Ramblings of a Bramaged Dain - Productive Insanity

Today is the last day of January 2017. It has been a fairly productive month, with 21 posts in 31 days - WOW! That's a record for me. I mean, I only had 23 posts all of last year. I am going to try and make 2017 very productive, in terms of posting, painting, and gaming.

One thing I am really looking forward to this year, is gaming Lovecraftian horror. I received a copy of Two Hour Wargames' Lovecraft's Revenge recently and have just finished reading it. I love the way the game can mess with a Star's perception and sanity. It's also neat how this game won't let you just quit when things aren't going your way. There are some very cool twists on THW's core game mechanics. This game also blends in well with other THW titles, like All Things Zombie. I could easily see an ATZ/LR crossover (who knows, I might just do that).

I have added, and will continue to add, new resources that pertain to the Lovecraftian Mythos. New links are in the sidebar and in the Miniatures and Terrain link lists at the bottom of the blog.

I will also be working on the remaining hundred or so zombies I need to finish, just not at the break neck pace I did at the beginning of the year, as I have various other minis, from different genres that need painting.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Music of Madness: Cthulhu Rising: Orchestra and Choir Horror Music

I'm starting a new feature, Music of Madness (MoM), which will feature music related to the Cthulhu Mythos. MoM joins Music To Die For (MTDF), which features music that is general to the Horror/Zombie genre.

"Lovecraft Stories" - New Horror resource added

In the sidebar of this blog I've added a link to Lovecraft Stories, a site that has the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft available for free as audio books or PDFs. The site also has a podcast and artwork from various artists. Lots of stuff to keep fans of Lovecraft's work busy.

Now, I must go dive in to the site. Time to abuse my sanity...

note: A little thank you to Joe, of Zabadak's ZombieWorld, for reminding me that all of Lovecraft's works are public domain and free on the net.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"

This mysterious tome appeared today -

Dare I crack the cover and peruse the dark writings within? Do I value my life, let alone my sanity? The Old Ones beckon...

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"X" gonna give it to ya'

In the All Things Zombie campaign I am planning, I will be using some elements from other THW titles, in this instance the super soldier rules from NUTS! War Without End. Using these rules, I have created a Non Player Star that has the potential to show up during the campaign.

I patterned this character after one of my favorite anti-heroes, Deadpool.

This character's name is Chimichanga-X, like Deadpool, he was part of a top secret government "super soldier" project. This project gave him amazing abilities but at the cost of his sanity and the deformation of his face. Unfortunately, this very same project is the cause of the Zombie Apocalypse. Further details about this and Chimichanga-X's background will be revealed as the campaign progresses.

Name: Chimichanga-X
Rep: 6
DV: 3
Class: Survivor
Star Power Dice: 9 (see Endurance below)
Weapons: Twin Big Ass Pistols      Rng: 12"     Target: 2        Impact: 3
                  Twin Katanas - two-handed weapons   +3d6 in Melee


Combat Monster          - Character does not split its d6 pool
                                     when fighting multiple enemies, but
                                     instead applies its results against
                                     all of them.

Combat Reflexes          - Subtracts 1 from each d6 rolled
                                      in melee, while their opponents
                                      will add 1. Able to count Rep at
                                      one point higher when making
                                      shooting attacks.

Endurance                   - Adds 1/2 Rep, rounded up, in
                                     additional Star Power Dice.

Fearless                      - Immune to the effects of Fear.

Steely Eyes                 - Character counts +1d6 when taking
                                     an In Sight test.

Two-Fisted                   - Character may use two Pistols, SMGs,
                                     Assault Rifles, or any combination of
                                     any of those at the same time. This
                                     results in more firepower, but at the
                                     cost of reduced accuracy. Figures
                                     doing so will count each weapon as
                                     Snap Firing. All other ranged combat
                                     modifiers and penalties apply.

Unstoppable                - Treat Out of Fight results as a
                                     Knocked Down result instead. Other
                                     Knocked Down results count as
                                     Carry On.

Zombie Bite Immunity  - Due to the character's unique
                                     genetic mutation, it cannot be
                                     turned into a zombie if bitten
                                     by one.


Berserker                    - Character reacts unpredictably
                                     and aggressively when it is attacked
                                     and rolls on the Berserker Reaction
                                     table (below) instead of the Received
                                     Fire or Being Charged table. While
                                     Berserk, the character is never
                                     outgunned and will receive a bonus
                                     in melee combat.

                                     Berserker Reaction Table
                                     Roll 2d6 vs. Rep
                        Pass 2d6 - Raging!
                                         Chargers - Carry On
                                         Retrieving wounded - drop wounded
                                         figure and charge nearest foe.
                                         If in melee with Friendly Figure,
                                         will stop being Berserk and stop
                                         the attack.
                                         All others will Charge the closest foe.

                                         Figure gains +2d6 in melee combat

                         Pass 1d6 - Enraged!
                                         Chargers - Carry On
                                         Retrieving wounded - Carry On
                                         All others - Snap Fire

                                         Figure gains +1d6 in melee combat

                         Pass 0d6 - Berserk!
                                          Chargers - Carry On
                                          All others - test to attack the
                                          closest figure.
                                          Roll 1d6 vs. Rep
                                            Pass 1d6 - Charges into melee
                                            with closest figure regardless
                                            if friend or foe.
                                            Pass 0d6 - Carry On

                                          Figure gains +2d6 in melee combat

Disfigured                    - If character encountered without
                                      his mask (1) counts -2d6 when taking
                                      Talk the Talk test. Also counts -1
                                      on the Continuing On table.

Easily Distracted          - Character is easily distracted. Whenever
                                      it passes 0d6 on any test, it must im-
                                      mediately take the following test to
                                      see if it is distracted -
                                          Roll 2d6 vs. Rep:
                         Pass 2d6 - Carry On
                         Pass 1d6 - Temporarily distracted. Counts as
                                         Stunned. Character may not act
                                         or react until having spent one
                                         full turn of Activation doing
                        Pass 0d6 - Totally distracted. Character will
                                         immediately retire and leave the
                                         encounter -
                                         "Man, did you see those boobies!?!"

Smartass                     - Character counts -1d6 when taking the
                                      Talk the Talk test.

Chimichanga-X is kind of over the top, but he's only meant to show up at rare intervals in the course of my campaign, hence the reason he's a Non Player Star. Who knows, he might end up being the Big Bad...

The Chimichanga-X miniature is a converted Super Soldier figure from Crossover Miniatures.

Cue the music...

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Slab: The Horrible 100 (plus 4) in all their gory...

Here are some photos of the zombies I've been working on the past week -

I painted most of these using a "speed painting" technique, I developed last year, to quickly have lots of zombies painted to a tabletop standard.

I still have another hundred or so zombies to work on. I'll get to them eventually...

The Slab: Weathering one of the Morgue-torpool Cars

Over the years I've acquired a decent collection of die-cast cars for use in gaming. All of them are in pristine condition and shiny - well, for the zombie apocalypse cars need to be grungy. About 9 months ago I saw a post on BZA Bob's Zombie Apocalypse, describing how he weathers his vehicles with an acrylic varnish followed by an application of a home made wash. I picked out one of my cars, that I had doubles of, and used his method, but instead of a home made wash I used Army Painter's Dark Tone wash -

Before weathering

After weathering

It came out pretty good, so I've got several more cars on the workbench awaiting weathering.

Preview: Bones Graveyard

Reaper Miniatures will be releasing this BONES III expansion later this year, and it's something very useful for Horror gaming, as well as Fantasy gaming. I will be picking up this expansion when it's released.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Sorastro's Zombicide: Black Plague Painting Guide Ep.1 - The Zombies

I'm posting the entire series of Sorastro's Zombicide: Black Plague Painting Guides here on The Quick and the Zed: Death Warmed Over so that anyone that is interested can easily find them.

Sorastro's Zombicide: Black Plague Painting Guide Ep.2 - The Abomination

Sorastro's Zombicide: Black Plague Painting Guide Ep.3 - The Necromancer

Sorastro's Zombicide: Black Plague Painting Guide Ep.4 - Anne The Nun

Sorastro's Zombicide: Black Plague Painting Guide Ep. 5: Silas The Elf

Sorastro's Zombicide: Black Plague Painting Guide Ep.6: Deadeye Walkers

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Addled Ramblings of a Bramaged Dain: All Things Zombie: The Dark Ages?

Welcome to a new feature that I hope to make commonplace on TQATZ: DWO, "Addled Ramblings of a Bramaged Dain", where I will just ramble on about whatever suits my fancy in regards to Zombie or Post-Apocalyptic gaming.

With this first rambling I'm gonna just throw something out there- Zombicide Black Plague is a pretty popular game, so is All Things Zombie - what if you combined the two?

All Things Zombie is based on the Two Hour Wargames Chain Reaction System, which can be adapted to just about anything you can imagine. THW also has another game, also based on the Chain Reaction System, that deals with Fantasy, "Warrior Heroes: Legends". Why not merge All Things Zombie with Warrior Heroes: Legends to come up with All Things Zombie: The Dark Ages?

I know, somebody is gonna say "why do you want to go to all that extra trouble?", well, as much as I like the Zombicide rules, I really prefer All Things Zombie for solo gaming, and I have a copy of Warrior Heroes: Legends - plus I need a valid excuse to buy a bunch of Zombicide Black Plague minis - they're awesome sculpts!

I'll be playing around with this in the coming months and hope to post updates on it as things come together.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Quick update - Painting Progress

This is just a quick update on the progress I've made since Monday. I am trying to quickly finish as many zombies as  possible, so I am using the technique I used last year when I knocked out 130+ zombies in a short time period.

I've finished 45 of the zombies that were nearly done months ago, and I've got another 59, in various stages of completion, on the workbench.

In a box next to my workbench, I still have 40 Toxic Zombies and 3 Zombivors to prime.

In another box, I have somewhere around 75 unassembled Wargames Factory zombies to get ready to prime.

I also assembled a couple of preliminary Z.O.R.T. troopers from the Eisenkern Stormtrooper kits. I will probably only assemble around a dozen Z.O.R.T. troopers. I doubt I will need more than that.

I will try and post some photos soon.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The 2017 Zed-ventory

I didn't get much done on the zombie wargaming front last year, apart from painting and selling 130+ zombies to someone that needed them for a convention game. That wiped out my collection of Zombicide Walkers and Runners. Turns out the person that bought them didn't even use them at the convention.
After that I kind of thought about quitting with zombie gaming altogether, but decided to wait and see if I would. I kept myself busy the last several months with other hobby interests. The last few days I decided that I was going to focus most of my gaming efforts in 2017 on zombie wargaming. I inventoried what I still have on hand that is suitable for the subject matter. Here's what I currently have-

Two and a half boxes of old Wargames Factory unassembled Male Zombies and Zombie Vixens -

About a dozen partial Wargames Factory Zombie and Survivor parts sprues -

About 60 loose Zombicide Toxic and Berserker Zombies and about 40 partially done Wargames Factory Male Zombies -

26 Zombicide Skinner Zombies I just started priming -

I guess that's a pretty decent amount of zombies to start working on.  Next I took a look at some of the other elements I will be using in my renewed effort to get in some zombie wargaming this year.

I have a decent amount of suitable cars and trucks to populate the gaming table with -

One area that is going to need new additions, is terrain. I have very limited amounts of suitable pieces. I have some DUST Tactics Quonset Huts and about 5 floors worth of their Warzone Tenement building -

I will definitely be working on increasing the amount of suitable terrain for my zombie gaming table this year.

Something I toyed with adding to my zombie games, was a Zombie Outbreak Response Team (Z.O.R.T.). I did manage to finish a couple of vehicles, back in 2015, but sadly no Z.O.R.T. troopers. I still have the vehicles, and enough boxes of DreamForge Games Eisenkern Stormtroopers to make at least one platoon of Z.O.R.T. troopers -

I think it would be cool to have my survivors fighting off the Z.O.R.T. as well as the zombie menace, so these guys are headed to the workbench soon.

I will of course be using Two Hour Wargames' All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out, but I will be picking up some more of the ATZ supplements to enhance my games.

Of 2017, I can say this -

Oh yes, there will be Zeds

Sorastro's Zombie Painting Guide Ep.1

With the dawning of the New Year, I feel it is time to hone my rusty zombie painting skills, so I am taking a refresher with Sorastro's Zombie Painting Guides, which are, in my opinion, some of the best zombie painting videos around. Here is Episode 1 -

Sorastro's Zombie Painting Guide Ep.2

Continuing on with Sorastro's Zombie Painting Guide, this episode shows how paint Toxic Zombies -

Happy New Year from The Quick and the Zed: Death Warmed Over

Wishing Everyone Happy and Prosperous Shamblings in the New Year!