Monday, February 6, 2017

Dead-drop: Minis for Lovecraft's Revenge

I ordered some Reaper Miniatures BONES figures last week, and they arrived today. Reaper has a few minis in their BONES line that are from the Lovecraft Mythos, plus others that are reminiscent of Lovecraftian monsters, so I had figured I'd buy some.

One mini I definitely wanted was the Eldritch Demon, which is perfect to represent a Spawn of Cthulhu -

Next I got a Shoggoth -

While not technically a Mythos monster, I got a Faceless Horror, which could proxy for various Lovecraft monsters -

One type of  monster that shows up in quite a few of the location tables in Lovecraft's Revenge, are Mummies, so I got a pack of those -

Those are the monsters I picked up so far, budget limited me from buying more, but I did get one figure to represent an Adventurer/Investigator. The figure is one of the BONES Chronoscope Pulp-era figures, The Black Mist -

The figure is a masked vigilante and I know it might be an odd choice for a character figure in a Lovecraft story, but I am thinking of having a Star that is an Occult Detective with the Psychic attribute, yeah you guessed it, The Shadow. Why not? I mean this gives me a good reason to add the Larger Than Life rule book to my games with Lovecraft's Revenge.

I will be adding more Lovecraft related BONES minis to my collection as budget permits, and I will be saving up for the BONES III Kickstarter Cthulhu minis that are due out later this year -

I've gotta get my hands on a couple of the Mythos Expansion boxes!!!

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