Friday, July 8, 2016

Survivor : Julien and friends

I've concentrated mostly on finishing zeds and not so much on survivors. I had finished 3 Zombicide survivors before the hiatus. I did finish another one a couple of days ago, Julien from the Angry Neighbors expansion -

The other survivors were Doug, from the Season 1 Zombicide set, and Elsa and Raoul, from the Toxic City Mall expansion -

Julien and Elsa (especially Elsa) are my favorite Zombicide survivors so far. I need to paint a couple more of the female survivors I own, probably Amy (looks like Abby from NCIS) and Oksana (looks like Alice from Resident Evil). I'll post photos when they are finished.

Morgue-torpool: Paramedic Ambulance

This is my first Morgue-torpool post in just over a year. Since I got back to working on my zeds, I figured that I'd start adding some more vehicles to the collection. I wanted something for first responders, and I didn't have any fire vehicles or ambulances, so I started searching eBay for those. Contemporary fire trucks are nearly impossible to find, but ambulances are a bit easier. I checked out the eBay shop that I got my Texas DPS Charger from, and found a Fire Department Paramedic Ambulance, technically "killing two birds with one stone". And unlike the Charger, this miniature was very reasonable price-wise, only $6 -

It has opening doors in the cab and on the back of the ambulance as well -

and it scales well with the survivor figures -

Next I need to try and get some commercial vehicles and an 18-wheeler in 1/43 scale.

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Slab: The Zombicide horde grows...

I knocked out another 56 zeds, now I have 132 completed Zombicide zeds.

 The vast majority of them are standard Season 1 Walkers, Runners, and Fatties, plus the season one Abomination. I do have 18 Seekers done in the mix, plus a Season 2 Toxic Walker and a Toxic Fatty.

Since All Things Zombie doesn't have Toxic Zombies, I'm going use the Spore Zombie rules from the NUTS! War Without End supplement, with a few tweaks to add Toxies.

I still have a bunch of Toxic Zombies and Berzerker Zombies to work on, plus the 26 Skinner Zombies I got off of eBay. They arrived Saturday.

More photos to come....