Tuesday, May 17, 2016

"Hey, hey,..HEEEYYY! what happened to those zombies you were supposed to have finished?"

Well, you see. I've been working on a painting commission for Ed, the Two Hour Wargames Guy, and I kinda put the zombies on the back burner while I complete the commission, a 28mm terrain piece, or I should say pieces - it's a building Ed will be taking to Milleniumcon later this year. I can't show you the building yet, but I can tell you it's made up of 60+ pieces that I'm hand painting.

No set timetable for returning to finishing the zombies, but y'all be the first to know...

Sunday, May 1, 2016

15mm Zeds progress-

Try as I might to finish them, the pull of 28mm is still very strong and has waylaid me from achieving any progress. On the upside, I have resumed work on the 28mm zombie horde, finishing several last night.

I am not sure when I will resume work on the 15s, but at least I now have a sizeable 28mm horde. Maybe I'll actually (finally) get in a game of ATZ - FFO....