Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Taking a little break from zombies

I'm taking a break from zombies for a little while. I think that I need to give them a rest before I get burned out on them, like I did with 15mm sci-fi earlier this year. I need to switch gears and work on other things, as well as take care of my skin situation. I got the results back from the first two biopsies - skin cancer, but the good news, they are Basal Cell Carcinomas (non-life threatening) and not Melanomas, but I still am waiting for the results for the other two biopsies I had done this past Friday. Hopefully, they will also turn out to be Basal Cell Carcinomas.
I might work on a zed or two, to keep my skills up, but not massive hordes of figures - I'm really not much for painting people (zeds ar..were people), but rather, painting vehicles, so I will be working on some vehicles (starfighters) till I get back into "zed mode".

Monday, July 20, 2015

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Slab: Zombicide Prime Day part 1 - The Survivors and Zombivors

The pile of plastic zed-liness has finished air drying, so I set about to get priming my macabre mountain of miniature post-mortal malefactors - but before I tackle that Matterhorn of malevolence, I figured that maybe I should start with the survivors and their zombivor counterparts. I am loosely following a cool How-To-Paint-Zombies tutorial I found on YouTube, swapping some of the primers and paints used in the video. Here's the video tutorial if you're interested in trying some of the techniques -

First, I mounted the survivors on scrap cardboard with white tac -

Next, I decided to prime the survivors with Krylon CoverMaxx Ivory, instead of one of The Army Painter's more expensive spray primers. $12 a can for The Army Painter vs. less than $4 for a (bigger) can of Krylon, which has nearly the same results, can't be beat -

I set these aside to dry and then proceeded to prime the zombivors, using the same techniques -

but I used a different color of primer, Krylon CoverMaxx Seaside Green -

While I wait for everything to dry, I'll be prepping the zombies for priming. Need more cardboard...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cleanliness is next to Zed-liness...

Well, not quite...
but you gotta bathe the Zombicide minis in a warm, soapy bath to remove any mold release agent residue, before painting them, so that's what I have done, because I want to start painting these lovelies soon -

Soggy Survivors

The Dripping Dead
Hopefully, everything will be dry by tomorrow morning, I'm off tomorrow and want to at least get these primed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Retail Therapy; Good for what ails you

I needed a little "pick me up" to raise my spirits, so I engaged in a bit of "retail therapy" and placed a new Zombicide order with Miniature Market - they have the Angry Neighbors expansion selling for $25! I used some of my loyalty points and got it for a little over 20 bucks!

Should be here in a few days, so I must be patient...

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Feelin' like a zombie

Haven't gotten too much done since last Friday, after visiting the dermatologist's office. I went in because I have a lesion on my forehead that got infected, from the rubbing of the work cap headband on the lesion. It turns out I have three other lesions on my scalp that need attention, so the dermatologist asked me how many lesions I wanted him to biopsy, 4 or 2. I said 2. So I've got 2 holes in my scalp that have been healing since Friday. They're somewhat painful at times, so it kills my hobby motivation a little. I did force myself to do a little hobby work, though. I'm assembling a few Wargames Factory zombies each day, so that I get something done even though I might not feel like it. I get to go back to the dermatologist on the 24th to have the other 2 biopsies done. I hope this doesn't slow me down too much more. Lot's to assemble/paint.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dead-drop: Zombicide

Last week I placed an order with Miniature Market for Zombicide Season 1, Toxic City Mall, Walk of the Dead #1, Toxic Crowd, Angry Zombies, Walk of the Dead #2, Plastic Tokens, and a set of Black Zomicide dice. That package arrived today, as I was getting ready to go to work. Monday, my order from The War Store arrived, which comprised all three of The Army Painter Zombicide paint sets, so I'm all set to start engaging in "Zombicide" -

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Slab: Black Project #2 Krauss Maffei Wegmann Keilerkopf UFV Completed

This has been an extremely enjoyable kit to work on! It's come out well mainly because of the kit's designer, Mark Mondragon. Mark is a genius that can design something very complex, yet a person with limited modelling skills (such as myself) can produce a very good looking vehicle. Well, I guess I better get to the photos, starting with final assemblies -

And the finished vehicle-

That's 2 Black Projects down -

and I have a third Black Project in the wings...

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Slab: Z.O.R.T. Black Project #2 Krauss Maffei Wegmann Keilerkopf UFV WIP #2

When last I posted the progress of the KMW Keilerkopf UFV, I was about to proceed to work on the suspension and wheels. Well, I got through working on that and I've nearly finished the kit, all that remains to do is the vehicle's roof and weapons system -

Next, it's on to the final assemblies. I've test fitted the roof to the body, and I've decided that because the fit is so good, I'm not going to glue it in place, but rather, make it so that I can remove it when I want to access the vehicle's interior.Hopefully, I will finish the kit up in a day or two.